Our Commitment


Your business depends on communicating with the public. As many as 20% of the population cannot read or understand printed information. They may speak English but it may not be their first language. They may have a print disability.


How do you reach everyone? First, by communicating and producing your information in accessible formats. You may be surprised at just how affordable and straightforward this can be using today's technology. We know a great deal about the production and distribution of accessible formats and how to match accessible formats to the needs of the market. We can give advice and suggest affordable solutions. Wherever practical, we will show you how to continue an accessible service using your own technology without us. We can remain as an ongoing partner if you wish.


Businesses and not-for-profits with a message to communicate to the public are missing a significant segment of the population. We can advise on how to reach the print disabled segment, tailoring our advice to your specific needs and the needs of the people you want to reach.


We know about technologies used by people with print disabilities. We understand sources of information (content) and the barriers people with print disabilities can face when accessing content. We understand costs of production and distribution and know about information services for people with print disabilities.


Are you confused by the range of specialised equipment or software? Are you unsure if a proprietory solution is right for you? We have everyday experience of a range of problems and solutions and can recommend cost-effective strategies for your needs.